Saturday, June 30, 2012

A new leaf, the reason to stay.

I have just bought a macbook yesterday and with a student discount that I am eligible I am proud to say it makes my morning more shinier than before. Yes, it had been 5 years? I couldn't recall the last time I had ever write any post on this blog. Thanks to google who are very helpful in recovering this account and now I am deciding to start a new leaf.

IT is the sign of what should I do. Now, I am a university student and I want to show the world about my thoughts. I don't want to delete my past posts as they are what I was and it will always be the part of me. Yes, regardless of the crappy error in my writings. I don't say I am a good writer, but I think my writing is sufficient to reach out someone's heart. I don't know who, but they are all out there. I am sure of. So, this is the reason I want for write back. To show my perspective and reach out to people out there.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The moment of truth

Is this really what i want? A question that always bring a doubt to everyone. There was a moment that we are sure what we want but then suddenly we the the RIGHT thing to do?

We cannot do all. We need to take in everything. It sounds like life sucks, and it does. You cannot please everyone. You CANNOT please yourself always. The moment of truth....

Can you take it?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

get really BUSY! :D

FASA 1. :D

all i can say is this was the beginning of the event we held. Twas okay i guess, but our t-shirt has not yet finish (never was) we're wearing white tees and black pants? hahaha but twas a blast :D

FASA 2. :D :D

hahaha (; i think this is the 2nd phase? hahahah seriously siukkk. hahaha this is when we pretty much have new friends (; good moments indeed. :D

hahaha so yeahh. eventhough meragang peeps only 5 are lucky to participate, but... we still rock it off :P hahaha so yeahh. this thing really make us close. :D

the ultimate ditchersss :P hahahaha

sorry, im tired and so malas to write manyak2 :P